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Warren’s Collision Center in Braidwood IL

Warren Wietting has been in the collision repair business for over 40 years. He spent the first 30 years of that time performing the actual repairs from disassembly and repair to paint and finish. The last 19 years he has spent in managing other local body shops that he has helped grow through his knowledge and ability to exceed all expectations of workmanship and quality. Many of his customers have been returning for years to have their cars repaired to the level of craftsmanship few can achieve. In 2011, Warren decided it was time to open his own shop to take his customer service ability to the next level. Stop in for an estimate today!

Quality Service to our Community and Customers

Our mission is simply stated – Quality Service to our Community and Customers. We accomplish this by understanding the many facets of repairing your vehicle and easing the upsetting conditions that got you here. Warren’s Collision Center mission is comprised of the following:

  • Work for our customers. Repair their vehicles quickly and cost effectively.
  • Be responsive to the insurance companies to expedite the repair process.
  • Vehicle repairs using the appropriate methods, materials and parts.
  • Return the vehicles to our customers with care and efficiency.
Warren's Collision Center body shop owner
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